The interaction marketing case of INOHERB Step Up



Case description

      Step Up》 is a large variety of dance class program by INOHERB and CCTV1 cooperated and named. 2013 was a hot variety season, so numerous variety shows began an Internet ratings battle. How does INOHERB Step Up stand out from this battle? 

      Through optimize and combine to the platform resources, we create a classic case of Internet brand marketing. We maximize the brand effect of INOHERB by using the influence of digital communication of Step Up. Through interactive mechanism, while integrating EPR, CRM, O2O and so on, we have done an all-round and deep research to this event by the brand and CCTV cooperating together. And then we create a dream trip regarding as an ordinary people, so that quickly enhance the visibility and influence of INOHERB in the network.