As the earliest Professional Internet Service Provider of internet marketing, in the past more than ten years, with its experienced team, strong execution and abundant resources, INSUN Digital Marketing provided quality service for over 200 brands in various areas.

Based on lots of own patented technology on Internet, mobile Internet marketing and Internet public relations executive analysis system matrix. Insun Digital Marketing provides customers with services Including but not limited to: the planning and implementation of Internet interactive integrated marketing; Internet Public Relations; the formulation and realization of Social Media Marketing Strategies and Mobile Marketing Strategies; the customized solutions and analysis report of Internet public opinion monitoring; and the quick implementation of sales leads or brand growth of various types of integrated marketing service portfolio.


Nowadays, INSUN-China has formed an industrial network covering East China, Central China and North China. In Shanghai head office, it has set up scheme, creation, design and customer service center. In Wuhan branch office, it has set up communication, research, data center, scheme, and customer service branch. In Beijing branch office, it has set up media resource center, scheme, and customer service branch. INSUN-China with an elite team of over 400 staffs is devoted to boosting China’s Internet Marketing.

Blooming INSUN-China, a witness of the gradual maturity of China’s Internet, also helps its clients elevate their brand value and fulfill their business demand with its quality service.

In China, INSUN-China, along with the Internet Media Industry, is accompanying you.